On 23 August 2023, two representatives from Synchronetwork Sdn Bhd went to a State Government Agency’s place located in Batang Berjuntai to survey the client’s location and discuss about the request for Point of Sale (POS) System to be operated in the place for their daily operations. We visited two shops and had a discussion on where to fix the systems so that the POS systems are safe and secure for long term purpose. The visit was mainly to finalise the requirements of State Government Agency and how many POS systems they needed to fulfil their needs. The picture above showing representative from our system provider, setting up the POS in one of the shops. On 25/08/2023, we visited again our clients place together with our system provider for setting up and test the systems whether it works properly. In charged person from State Government Agency came to the place to make sure the systems are working properly and to decide whether the place is suitable or need to find another alternative to set up the POS system. Synchronetwork Sdn Bhd joined forces with our esteemed system provider, to conduct an extensive Point of Sales (POS) system training for our valued client. This innovative training initiative has significantly revolutionized State Government Agency’s operations, equipping them with invaluable knowledge and skills to optimize their business processes. Synchronetwork Sdn Bhd, renowned for our expertise in technological solutions, recognized the evolving needs of client. To address these needs, we partnered with our system provider, a trailblazer in POS systems, to deliver a comprehensive training program tailored to State Government Agency’s unique requirements. The training encompassed a wide array of topics, ranging from the fundamentals of POS system operations to advanced techniques for streamlining customer transactions, inventory management, and sales reporting. Participants were guided through interactive workshops, hands-on exercises, and real-world simulations that mirrored State Government Agency’s business environment. Throughout the training, participants engaged in practical scenarios that demonstrated how the new POS system could be integrated seamlessly into State Government Agency’s daily operations. From efficiently managing customer queues during peak hours to utilizing the system’s analytical capabilities for data-driven decisions, each aspect was meticulously covered. For any government agencies or private agencies out there seeking for comprehensive & customisable POS system for your business, do contact us at https://synchronet.com.my/contact/