On August 11, 2023, a heartwarming and impactful food donation program (Infaq Jumaat) was organized through a collaborative effort between Synchronetwrok Sdn Bhd and Madrasah Darul Tahfiz Sri Al-Ain. This event exemplified the spirit of compassion, community engagement, and the power of coming together for a noble cause. Under the name of generosity, the teams from Synchronetwrok Sdn Bhd and Madrasah Darul Tahfiz Sri Al-Ain united their efforts to alleviate hunger and spread smiles within the local community of Sungai Buloh. The program aimed to provide nourishment and sustenance to those in need, showcasing the deep commitment of both organizations to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Picture above showing the staffs of both organisation working on packing the foods. The event involved the meticulous preparation and packaging of a variety of foods and desserts. These carefully assembled packages were a testament to the dedication of the volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure that each meal was prepared with care and love. The thoughtful selection of food items and desserts was intended to bring not only nourishment but also a sense of joy and comfort to the recipients. The picture shows staffs of Synchronetwork sdn bhd and Madrasah Darul Tahfiz Sri Al-Ain are working together in packing the foods into plastics with care. The foods and desserts were packed equally in each plastic and a small water bottle was included together. Each one of us divided the task whereas few of us was packing the foods and the others made sure that the packed foods are shifted to the cars after done packing. The packaging process went well with the help of both organizations’ staffs. Picture showing staff of Madrasah Darul Tahfiz Sri Al-Ain making sure all the packs are tied properly and arranging them in order to make the process of shifting to cars easy. Everyone made sure that each of the pack not only filled with foods but together filled with care and love. The success of this food donation program was a testament to the combined efforts of Synchronetwrok Sdn Bhd and Madrasah Darul Tahfiz Sri Al-Ain, along with the volunteers and contributors who supported the cause. By extending their compassion to those less fortunate, the event not only addressed immediate hunger but also spread a message of hope and kindness. In a world where simple acts of kindness can make a significant difference, the collaboration between these organizations served as an inspiring example of corporate social responsibility and community engagement. The event of August 11, 2023, will be remembered as a day when selflessness and generosity flourished, leaving a positive and lasting impact on the hearts of those involved and the community as a whole.