Synchronetwork Sdn Bhd conducted a comprehensive coding training for selected participants from government agency IT department. The training was held for a week and the program was designed to provide government employees with the skills they need to be successful in the digital age. The training was well-received by the participants, who said that they learned a lot and gained valuable skills at the end of the seminar. The program was a success, and the government agency is considering offering it again in the future. The training was conducted by experienced instructor Mr Fathur Rahman and it took place at Elvira Systems training facility at Cyberjaya. The training was included with hands-on exercises and projects. The training was tailored to the specific needs of government agency. We also provide participants with parking space and foods for the whole week of seminar was held. Along with the training, we also provide modules as a reference for the participants during the training week. The training was a valuable opportunity for government employees to learn about coding and develop the skills they need to be successful in the digital age. After completing the training program successfully, the participants and the instructor received a certificate and souvenirs from Synchronetwork Sdn Bhd as an appreciation in attending the training. The picture above showing Mr Thoriq from Synchronetwork Sdn Bhd, welcoming the participants from Government agency and well experienced instructor of CodeIgniter4 Mr Fathur Rahman invited by our company on the first day of their arrivals. The training room was well equipped with the facilities provided by our company. The pictures showing, Mr Fathur Rahman presenting his screen on the projector while explaining the coding presented to the participants. He explained everything in detail step by step on how to perform the coding and how they can use it on their daily works and projects to create a full-featured web application easily. After teaching on how to apply the coding program, the participants from government agency were given a hands-on exercise to test their understandings on CodeIgniter4. The picture showing, participants working on the task given on their laptops The picture above showing, Mr Fathur Rahman going to each participant to check their given task and make sure that they have understood well the CodeIgniter4 application. The test held was mainly to clear out all the confusions and questions they had regarding the coding program.