Synchronetwork Sdn Bhd held a three days IT training for government agency staffs from government agency. The training was held inside IT training centre of government agency building. We invited a well experienced IT coach Mr Ady Hameme Nor Azman to train the staffs for three days. We also provide the staffs with prepared modules and foods for three consecutive days. The training covered basics of IT, including computer basics, software applications, networking, and security. It is designed for government agency staffs with less prior IT experience. Participants learnt the skills they need to be more productive in their work, such as how to use computer applications, understand networking and security concepts, and the analysis software for qualitative and quantitative research methods. The training centre was equipped projectors and the staffs was only needed to bring their laptops. 

The instructor Mr Ady Hameme is conducting the IT training by presenting his screen. Mr Ady explained everything about the computer software ATLAS.ti and the methods on how to use it effectively on their works. Moving to the next day of the training, to make it more fun and interesting the tables was rearranged. Mr Ady continued the training session with the prepared slides and modules. The staffs were focused and taking notes on the important points. The instructor then held a question-and-answer session to make the staffs clear with their confusions.

After complete the training session on the last day of the IT training, our company representative Mr Thoriq gave the participants and the instructor Mr Ady Hameme an appreciation souvenirs and certificates for them completing the IT training. Later, a group picture was taken with some of the participants and the instructor.